Scarborough to Trump: 'Your own lawyers think you are too stupid' to talk to Mueller

After the New York Times reported that Trump's lawyers are urging him to refuse an interview request from special counsel Robert Mueller, Joe Scarborough responded to this report that Trump's lawyers believe he is 'too stupid' to talk to Mueller. [VIDEO BELOW]

Scarborough added that anyone "with big, beautiful hands" would be brave enough to sit down with the Mueller.

"Mr. President, your own lawyers think you are too stupid and too much of a liar to stand up to the heat that Bob Mueller is going to send in your direction," Scarborough said.

"So if I had lawyers that thought I was too stupid to talk to Bob Mueller, I tell you what I would do, what any man would do, or any woman would do that had any confidence in themselves — they would do that interview," Scarborough continued. "And they would show those lawyers. They would show those lawyers they’re not scared, that they don’t have small hands, that they're not timid, they have, big, beautiful hands and they have a big, beautiful mind."

"And they’re not going to let their lawyers think that they’re too stupid and too much of a liar to talk to Bob Mueller."


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