Majority of Americans say they trust Mueller more than Donald Trump

The majority of Americans say they trust Robert Mueller more than Donald Trump, according to a new Marist College poll released Friday.

55 percent of Americans said they trust special counsel Robert Mueller more than Trump, while 30 percent said they trust Trump more than Mueller.

53 percent of Americans say Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is fair and should continue without interference, according to the poll.

This marks an increase from 48 percent who said the investigation was "fair" in the same poll last month.

Most Americans still have a positive view of the FBI, where the poll found that 71 percent of Americans said the bureau was just trying to do its job, compared to 23 percent who said they believe the FBI is biased against Trump.

55 percent of Republicans still have a positive view of the FBI, according to the poll, despite Trump's feud with the agency.

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