Arnold Schwarzenegger: It’s time to give the power back to the people.

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is pushing lawmakers to "terminate gerrymandering," saying it's "time to give the power back to the people" and warning that gerrymandering is "one of the biggest scams politicians have ever pulled on the American people."

"Gerrymandering isn’t a political issue. It is a power issue. Republicans who have power gerrymander. Democrats who have power gerrymander," Schwarzenegger wrote on his Facebook page

"It’s time to give the power back to the people," Schwarzenegger added.

His comments come amid a fight between Pennsylvania state Republicans and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which ordered last month that the state’s congressional map must be redrawn.

The court ruled that the state’s map had been gerrymandered to favor Republicans to the point that it was unconstitutional. 

The governor must approve a new map by Feb. 15 to be used in this year’s midterms.

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