London mayor: Donald Trump 'got the message' that Londoners don't want him here!

London Mayor Sadiq Khan welcomed the news that Donald Trump would not be visiting his city, saying in a statement that Donald Trump “got the message” from Londoners who “have made it clear that Trump is not welcome here.”

"It appears that Donald Trump got the message from the many Londoners who love and admire America and Americans but find his policies and actions the poor opposite of our city’s values of inclusion, diversity and tolerance," Sadiq Khan said in a statement Friday.

"His visit next month would without doubt have been met by mass peaceful protests," Sadiq Khan continued, adding he hopes that Donald Trump "also revisits the pursuit of his divisive agenda." 

Donald Trump has canceled a planned trip to London to open the new U.S. embassy, but denied reports that it was due to fears of protests, instead blaming the Obama administration for selling “the best located and finest embassy in London for ‘peanuts’” — even though the sale of the embassy took place under George W. Bush.

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