Bill Clinton: Americans who voted for Trump were "more vulnerable to false claims" because of their economic situation

President Bill Clinton said in a Monday evening speech at Georgetown University that geography and community dynamics were key factors in Trump’s victory last year over Hillary Clinton.

"In the last election, in the counties that Hillary carried, you find 64 percent of America's GDP," Clinton said.

"In the more numerous, rural counties carried by Donald Trump, you find 36 percent of the GDP, even though the median income of a Trump voter was higher. What does that tell you?” Bill Clinton asked, referring to the country's gross domestic product."

"Even poor people are more hopeful if they're in a dynamic place," Bill Clinton said. "Being trapped with a lack of mobility is more damaging emotionally and makes you more vulnerable to false claims, from my point of view, than if you're poor." 

He also said Donald Trump had secured a short-term victory, but that his divisive policies would cost him and the country further down the road.

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