Hillary Clinton says she is still deeply troubled by the election result

Hillary Clinton said in an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine that she is still deeply troubled by the election result, and she didn't think she was going to lose.

“I feel a terrible sense of responsibility for not having figured out how to defeat Donald Trump,” Hillary Clinton said. “There must have been a way and I didn't find it." 

“I’m not living it every minute of every day but every day I live it,” she told the Sunday Times Magazine.

“I had deep disagreements with George W Bush, but came to understand his world-view ... ." Clinton said. "But I wouldn’t have felt the same sense of real loss for our country, that we elected someone who knows so little, cares even less and is just seeking the applause of the masses.”

And she also added that the British who supported Brexit in last year's referendum on European Union membership "voted against modern Britain."

“They voted against modern Britain and the EU, believing that somehow this would be good for their small village," she continued. 

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